You are Sigurdr, a might warrior who is fighting the legendary sea serpent Jormungandr. Everybody knows that Jormungandr has scales forged by the sun and stronger than Svalinn itself so the only way to slay the dire fiend was from inside.

This game is the result of JoyMasher’s team participating Global Game Jam 2013 and was made in 48h. Hope you enjoy it!

What have been said:

A homage to “guts” stages of classic games 
– Henrique Sampaio, Arena IG

Oh, I spot a CRT filter and instantly my nostalgia bone is telling me something about how much we love games that look like this. Terrible thing, isn’t it? Well, fortunately Sigurdr’s Havoc is interesting for more reasons than its looks, and is fun along with it too. 
Chris Priestman, IndieStatik

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